You are mind

Your mind created your world.
Your mind created your difficulties, your failures and your illnesses.
Your mind created your pleasures, your successes and your health.
It was not you that did it, it was your mind.
You always thought you were your mind.
Now it is time for change.
It is time to take charge.
This is the moment when you step forward and be that self your mind has been seeking.
This is the time when you stop being the mind and become the light.
This is when you switch roles and reclaim your position of power.
The sought after becomes the found.
No longer, will you be the mind.
Your mind becomes your servant, your assistant, your willing slave.
It is a tool to use, as you the god, sees fit.
You are no longer a searching and frustrated little being, trying to find the big answers.
You are god, the source, the dreamer and the awakened creator of your world.
The mind is the workshop, the builder you use to create this reality.
The mind is the factory, where dreams are realised and desires fulfilled.
Detach yourself from your mind and align yourself with your heart.
I am self, I am god, the source, the cause and effect of all things.
I am the world I see before me.
This world is myself.
There is nothing that is separate from myself.
There is nothing that I cannot have.
There is nothing I cannot do.
There are no limits to where I can go.
For I am all things and the creator of all things in my world.

Daily upon waking, get yourself into a relaxed state of calm.
Imagine withdrawing from your mind and being the pure essence of truth.
Imagine withdrawing from the mind and being your intuition, your true heart.

Don’t just observe, be it.
Step out of your mind and into your heart.
This is what you are.
You are the thing that you were seeking.
You are not the mind, you are the thing you were searching for.
You are self, I am self.

Then repeat the following at least 3 times:

I am self.
You are mind.
When I ask you for something from this world, your job is to bring that something into my life.
I am self.
You are mind.
When I ask you for some situation in this world, your purpose is to manifest that situation.
I am self.
You are mind.
I am god, the source, the cause and effect of all things.
I am my world.
I am in the world and the world is in me.

Then, make your request; make it clear and make it simple.
Ask your mind, is this possible?
If it says no, then rephrase your request.
If it says yes, then forget it.
It is done.

You can change the words to suit your own needs but be consistent and definite.
This is your rightful claim to the throne.
It is time to step into your true self, your forgotten identity and to reclaim your forgotten self.
Time to take up your lost power.
I am self.
I am.