Without limitations

I am god.
I am self.
I am all things good and bad, large and small, petty and important.
I am black and white.
I am all contrasts and all differences.
When these opposites are united, they cancel each other and the summation is zero.
My essence is zero.
Minds within minds have divided my zero to create worlds within worlds.
While these minds see separation and contrast, I exist as worlds and planes and realities.
You are such a mind.
You are me, but you have created worlds through imagining differences.
You have created existences through dividing wholeness.
I am you regardless of what you do, it cannot be any other way.
You forget that we are one.
You forget that your world is you.
It is all you and all your responsibility.
It can be any colour, any style, any way you want it.
Your mind creates according to what you think.
Anything you desire, you can have.
This world is your creation and you can play without any limitations.
You have absolute freedom to create and live as you will.
There is no judgement of you.
There is no right or wrong.
How can there be right or wrong if I am both all rights and all wrongs.
Whatever you do, we do, I do.
Everything is equal, everything is you, me, I am.
What you see before you, is your mind, nothing more.
Your mind is my mind and I don’t mind whatever you want to create.
I am creation, you are creation.
I am self.