This is fun

I am god.
I am the creator of my world.
You are god.
You are the creator of your world.
You can have anything you desire.
You are your world, your world is you.
It sounds too good to be true.
That’s because you have been lost in the negativity of your own mind.
You can safely detach yourself from that now.
You can step aside and use your mind as your wand of power.
It is your secret weapon, your magic genie and the fulfiller of your dreams.
You are not your mind.
You will no longer be lost in its unstable scenarios and false beliefs.
Most of the world is lost in the darkness of their minds.
When you wake up, things look different.
You become the observer, you realise that you are the master, the ruler of your own destiny.
Your world is you.
You are the rightful ruler.
You can have anything that your heart desires.
Now get out there and play.
This could be fun!