Only one exists

There is only one existence.
It has endless levels, planes, realities, life forms, lifestyles and possibilities.
It is eternal, infinite and beyond comprehension.
Nothing is isolated because everything is within one.
The one is a whole, united and singular but consciousness makes it appear as if it is divided.
You are in a particular reality within that one existence right now.
You call it earth but it could be anywhere, any time and in any situation.
When you die you can return here or you can be somewhere else.
It all depends upon your thoughts.
If you believe that this existence is all that there is, then you have given yourself a ticket for re-entry and there is nothing that can stop it.
Unfortunately, this is the lot of most people because this reality is all that they allow their minds to believe in.
Around and around they go, in and out of the same restrictive and boring existence, afraid to think beyond it.
You can’t be somewhere that you think is impossible.
You can’t do something that you do not believe exists.
If you think this reality is but one of an infinite number, then you will be wherever your mind takes you next.
Your world is your mind.
Your existence is your mind.
You always exist and you always have awareness.
What you do with that awareness is your business.
You can choose to believe in one tiny little bit of existence called earth or you can choose to believe in an infinite variety of possibilities.
Your world is your mind.
You have placed yourself wherever you find yourself.
It wasn’t luck or evolution or an unfriendly god thingy.
It was and always is, you doing reality to yourself.
You are your own world.
Your world is your own thoughts.
Existence is one, one infinite, eternal and wondrous party of possibilities.
Free yourself from your self-imposed exile in this world and get out there and party!