One mind

Every being is a self-aware aspect of one mind.
One mind is like a hive intelligence.
With all awareness being self-conscious and effected by all other awarenesses.
This awareness has been fragmented.
Instead of wholesome unity, the foolish ego is admired.
Instead of totality, individuality is idolised.
Instead of open-heartedness, selfishness is accepted.
There is very little awareness of the essential unity of all things.
Instead there is judgement and prejudice.
There is jealousy and greed.
There is stupidity and catastrophe.

A simple understanding of unity, of one mind, has been lost.
It has been forgotten.
One mind ever seeks the opportunity to be remembered.
It is not in a hurry for no matter what happens, it all happens within the one mind.

One mind needs to be remembered.
It is not difficult to remember.
No mind is an open invitation for one mind to enter.
No fear is an open invitation to one mind to guide.
Trust in integrity and goodness is an open invitation for one mind to express.
One mind is not a state of numb mind, nor is it dumb mind.
Numb mind and dumb mind are products of a closed mind.
Open mind is an open invitation to one mind.
Open mind is open acceptance of one mind.
One mind is all there is.
One mind cannot be made go away nor can it ever be totally forgotten.

One mind always finds a way of filtering through the layers of myths and mystery that mankind has surrounded itself with.
One mind is commonly misinterpreted as the god of religions of the world.
The one god referred to in religions, is not one mind.
For one mind is not an independent entity that selfishly wields power and demands allegiance from mere humans.
Nor can it be begged for mercy or favours.
These are man made ideas, based on the urge to manipulate and mislead people.
One mind is all minds and all that exists.
One mind is the essence that all life shares.
You are the one god that you thought was out there somewhere.
You are the one mind, just as I am.
Just as every living thing is.
There is nothing outside of your self.
There is nothing to pray to, nothing to fear.
One mind can’t answer your requests because one mind is you.
If you can’t do things for yourself, then there is no power out there that’s going to do it for you.
You have to decide what you want and then create it.
You are the cause and the effect.
For you are one mind.
You are the mind of the creator because you are the creator.
Asking for help from an outside god is like asking your dog to make your dreams come true.
It may sympathise with you but it’s not going to help.
One mind is all minds and all minds are of the same essence – absolute freedom.
You have freedom to create, to destroy, to build or to cut down.
You are the creator of your world.
You are the answers you seek.
You are responsible for the mess you think you are in.
Only you have the power and absolute freedom to change it.
You have absolute freedom to think whatever you desire.
For you are a part and the whole of one mind.