My life

My work

Let the world see my work for what it is.
It is a sparkling gem in a sandy world.
It is peace and beauty in a busy city.
It is honesty and truth amid a town full of deceit.
Let their negative barriers drop when they see it.
Let their pretentious obstacles from acceptance, dissolve into dust.
Let the work be free to heal the world.

My money

Rivers of cash flow through this reality.
Much of it is diverted and dammed by a few.
Let there be a constant trickle from this overflow, into my life.
Let this abundance quietly fill my life with prosperity beyond my imagination.
Let this money be a tool that I use to enrich divine expression.
Let this cash bring absolute freedom and happiness to my world.

My health

My mind rejoices as it is constantly being healed.
My body is a servant of my mind.
My body follows this pattern of healing.
Every day, waves of pure light bring refreshing, healing energy into its core.
Every day, blocks of unhealthy resistance melt away.
Every day, my mind gets clearer and my step gets lighter.
My mind is happy healing and my body follows.